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Washington’s reassurance to Rome raises survival hopes for Italy’s biggest refinery

Nobody stops the advance of Iginio Massari who leaves Italy and aims abroad, but it doesn't end there. In the world of the ...
prress | 19 hours ago
Giorgia Meloni pushes back on Italy’s shift into digital payments age

EQTEC still expecting Italy MDC to be up and running by 2023 05.12.2022 / 14:31 CET/CEST The issuer is solely responsible for ...
Yahoo Finance | 2 days ago
Iginio Massari leaves Italy and aims everything abroad: the news is shocking –

Italian officials said they were willing to support Algeria in any future acquisitions of Italian-made military hardware, ...
Middle East Eye | 1 day ago
Italy reckons with over 1,400 sites linked to fascist past

The disaster was reported to be the worst to hit Ischia in 20 years, with 126 millimeters of rain falling in six hours. Four ...
Politico Europe | 20 hours ago
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